March 4, 2019

General Wellness & Prevention

Foods That Are Poisonous to Pets

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

Who can resist those big brown eyes begging for some of your food from under the table? We’ve all given pets table scraps at one time or another. However, some of those foods can be irritating or even toxic to our pets. March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month. This is a great time to review […]

February 4, 2019


Winter Activities with Your Dog

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

The crisp chill of the air while bundled up in those fuzzy, warm mittens… snow falling gently outside… Those of you who know me, know that I LOVE this time of the year! Don’t get me wrong – I do love the other seasons and being able to enjoy more time outside. However, there is […]

January 7, 2019

General Medical Issues

5 Things to Consider Before Breeding Your Dog

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

Who doesn’t like a cute puppy? But, what’s even cuter than a puppy? A whole litter of cute puppies! And your own dog is adorable, so why not breed her for even more adorable puppies, right? While puppies can be cute and heart-melting, the decision to breed your dog can turn into more than you […]