September 5, 2022

Medical Issues

How Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help Pets?

Countrycare Veterinary Professional

As Max got older, he felt “stiff” and was not acting like his normal self. Anti-inflammatory medications helped, but Max’s mom was looking for other options. She wanted to help him get up more comfortably and enjoy life again. After a thorough exam and x-rays, Dr. Strickfaden determined that Max had spinal pain and hip […]

July 4, 2022


How to Know if Your Pet Loves You

Countrycare Veterinary Professional

Those of us who live with pets are sure that they love us back, and not just because we feed them. But how do you know if your pet loves you? The canine brain is wired to build bonds with other species, including humans. For example, your dog may have “adopted” your new kitten and […]

June 6, 2022

General Holistic Treatment Wellness & Prevention

How to Reduce Noise Phobias in Anxious Pets

Countrycare Veterinary Professional

Noise Phobias: thunderstorms, vacuums, and fireworks. Oh my! If your dog is fearful of storms, fireworks, strong winds, the smoke detector, the vacuum, or other sounds, you are not alone!  More than 20% of dogs have some level of noise phobia.  My dog, Hilda, often shakes, pants, and paces any time she hears rain outside. […]