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Complete Health Care Extends Beyond Medicine

The health and well-being of an animal depends on their medical, physical, emotional, and mental state. Countrycare Animal Complex addresses all of these components of care at one convenient location – from preventative veterinary care and medical, surgical and nursing care, to holistic medicine, counseling and education, and much more. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for your pets and to help you enjoy these special members of your family.

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Pyometra (Infections of the Uterus) in Pets

You may remember reading a previous blog post about spaying your female dog or cat. If you haven’t read that post, please do (and not just because I wrote it)! It has some good information in it regarding your pet’s health. In that post, I mentioned one risk of our animal friends not being spayed is […]

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"Everyone there was great – from making the appointment to the vet tech to our vet. Everyone was super friendly and nice. They took their time. We didn’t feel rushed. We were very happy and grateful to the staff."
- Anne S., Denmark