What People Are Saying

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Bob Red Cross

“I wish I could film some of our clients’ faces when we hand them a kit for their pet.  The people are so overwhelmed and happy and excited that someone cares not only for them but also for their pets.  Our volunteers are very excited to offer these kits to our clients.  It helps people in their recovery when their pets are well cared for.”

Bob M. - Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist

Nancy – Red Cross Volunteer

“In the event of a disaster, a family is so upset, and they are so concerned about their animals, so the kits add a small measure of comfort in a terrible time.  The kits assist our clients in being more comfortable in their temporary lodging-whether it is a hotel or relative’s home. And it also allows the client not to have to use their money on replacing pet equipment immediately.

I cannot tell you how the clients look at us when we provide these kits.  I wish you could experience it just once.  They are so amazed that we have thought about their beloved animals in a disaster, and that is thanks to your foresight in this.”

Nancy - Red Cross Volunteer

Wendy N.

“I would not trust my cats’ care to anyone else.  Dr. Strickfaden takes the time to listen and understand my concerns for my cats.  She treats their health needs, both physically and emotionally, professionally and compassionately.”

Wendy N., Appleton

Eileen S.

“I loved that the assistant was so patient and thorough with the introduction to the clinic, as well as explaining everything so well. She also wrote up how to prepare the holistic food, so we could have that. I will always be thankful for the examination that found allergies and a pancreas issue, as our cat’s problem has been taken care of by changing his food. He has had this problem for years, and now we have the answer, thanks to Dr. Strickfaden! A job well done!”

Eileen S., Valders

Grace T.

“I am always impressed with the patient care that I experience each and every visit at Countrycare. My most recent visit was with Dr. Barr and CVT Sami, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with! The mood in the exam room was light and easy, which also was conveyed in my dog’s behavior. My questions are always answered in a way that I can fully understand, making it easier to comply with the plan of care. From the moment you walk in until the moment when you walk out, the aura of the entire facility is always warm and welcoming. The way that all of the employees carry themselves, you can tell that they enjoy what they do, and that is a direct reflection of how the company is run and the team that runs it. The care and compassion that is shown to each and every client that walks through the door is second to none. Keep up the great work, and the girls and I continue to look forward to working with your team at Countrycare! A big shout out to Dr. Barr and his continued excellence in the field of veterinary medicine.”

Grace T., DePere

Peggy V.

“Amazing staff!! Thank you for your excellent compassion for the care of my bearded dragon!”

Peggy V., DePere

Jolene B.

“Our pets were boarding. Countrycare is awesome, always neat and clean and smells nice. The staff is incredible. Always friendly and so caring and kind to the animals. Absolutely we will be back and we will recommend Countrycare to others.”

Jolene B., Denmark


“Anytime I have visited Countrycare, the staff have been very inviting, informative, and willing to share information and knowledge. One of the main reasons I choose Countrycare is to have the options of doing things holistically for my pets. Any experience I’ve had there, whether it’s been holistic or not, has been the best. I feel like I’m being informed of all of the choices without having conventional medicine pushed as the only option. Keep up the great job!”

- Anonymous

Rochae S.

“I can’t thank Dr. Heintz enough for her great service, her knowledge, her care, and her explanation regarding Aspen’s health. Dr. Heintz is outstanding!!! I can’t forget the staff, too. Thank you Becky, Priscilla, and Kyle for your compassion, call backs and thorough explanations. This type of service means so much to us.”

Rochae S., Denmark

Faye D.

“Dr. Heintz was so gentle and compassionate with our dog. The vet tech was so kind and understanding with all of the questions that I asked her. They made me feel comfortable with the decisions that we made for Maddie.”

Faye D., Algoma

Jennifer & Jason W.

“We’ve been to different veterinary offices, and the quality of your care is unmatched. We are happy to have found Countrycare!”

Jennifer & Jason W., Oneida

Pam & Mike V.

“I wouldn’t change one thing. The staff are wonderful. Dr. Barr takes his time with us and explains things in detail. You have an awesome team – very pleasant and always smiling.”

Pam & Mike V., Green Bay

Anne S.

“Everyone there was great – from making the appointment to the vet tech to our vet. Everyone was super friendly and nice. They took their time. We didn’t feel rushed. We were very happy and grateful to the staff.”

Anne S., Denmark

Jeanne V.

“I am very happy with the care that Crystal receives when she comes to see you.  Dr. Barr and Amber were kind and knowledgeable.  They explained the treatment that Crystal needed.”

Jeanne V., Green Bay

Maureen M.

“Countrycare Animal Complex is what I wish for all pets. Your compassion and genuine caring makes all the difference. Duke is a happy dog because of you.”

Maureen M., De Pere

Peggy H.

“Bicom is a wonderful piece of advanced technology that I would highly recommend for every animal and human on the planet. It helped Tango in many ways and gave her an amazing quality of life. The overall experience of coming to your clinic was amazing. It is such a warm friendly environment to be in. Everyone is so friendly and positive they make you feel right at home.”

Peggy H., Manhattan, IL

Debra K.

“I was given the most precious gift: more time with my dog, Jinx.  Jinx had cancer and was treated with bicom and a new cancer medication and survived with health and happiness for many more months than had been predicted by another vet.  Dr. Strickfaden and the staff at Countrycare were so caring and supportive, and nothing can replace the joy of having those extra months.”

Debra K., Black Creek

Judy W.

“My 3 year old boxer, Sadie suffered from severe allergies. We did everything to make her as comfortable as we could, but she went two summers being miserable.  I decided to give Bicom a try and I couldn’t be happier. It was the best summer Sadie has ever had! She has no staph infection on her belly; in fact she has hair and markings I hadn’t seen since she was a puppy. Sadie didn’t go lame this summer from her feet becoming so swollen with sores and we experienced only a few ear infections which is a major breakthrough since she got infections every few weeks in the past. The staff at Countrycare Animal Complex understands that your pet is a part of your family and they treat Sadie like she is their very own, she loves going to her treatments. Thanks Countrycare Animal Complex!!!!!”

Judy W.,Green Bay

Dana B.

“I have been taking all my dogs (rescues and my own) to Countrycare for over 10 years.  It is an hour drive one way and it is well worth the trip!  Dr. Karen Strickfaden is the only vet I will trust the health of my dogs to.  Our latest challenge was my 8 year-old golden retriever with Masticatory Muscle Myositis.  The conventional treatment involves large doses of Prednisone; there was no information available on any holistic alternative.  Dr. Strickfaden and I researched and contacted several other sources and we were able to put together a protocol which included Chinese Herbs, supplements, therapeutic essential oils and Bicom treatments.  To date, nine months later, she is doing great, eating well, lots of energy and still competing in agility and loving it. I am forever grateful to Dr. Strickfaden, not only for her knowledge in holistic medicine and treatments but her willingness to research other options.”

Dana B., Neenah

Tamra V.

“My dog was having horrible neck pain he could barely move the vet we had at the time said that he had a slipped disk and that he would paralyze himself and we would have to put him down.  It was awful… but then we went to Countrycare they took their time to help us instead of just giving him meds.  We started bicom and slowly he was back to his normal self it has been a little over a year he acts like he did when he was a puppy. He plays with his toys goes for long walks again and runs around with his new sister Charlie who is twice the size he his. Thank you soooo much Countrycare we appreciate everything you have done for us.”

Tamra V., Kimberly

Andrea M.

“I can’t thank Countrycare Animal Complex enough!  Our rat terrier Millie is only about 8 years old and recently had an accident which left her paralyzed for about 45 minutes and then she was able to walk.  We took her to a vet in the area and were told that she would would need surgery that would cost at least $2,000 OR she could hurt herself again and then we would have to put her down.  After a VERY emotional weekend and week I finally called Countrycare Animal Complex.  I’m SO glad that I did.  They gave us hope that Millie will be back to normal soon!  In 1 treatment of Bicom I noticed a difference, she wanted to play and was running around like she did when we got here 5 years ago!  We can’t wait to see how she will do with more treatments and will certainly send more people your way!  Thank you Dr. Strickfaden for your patience and knowledge!  Also the staff is amazing!  Great on the phone and even better in person!”

Andrea M., Appleton

MaryAnn M.

“Arnold is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever who came into Rescue with horrible, chronic draining wounds on his leg.  He had failed all conventional therapies, surgery and antibiotics, experienced many side effects, and was facing amputation of the leg or euthanasia.  We tried integrated care at Countrycare that included bicom, ozone and dietary supplements.  I am delighted to say that Arnold’s leg healed, and today he is an active and happy retriever.”

MaryAnn M., Oshkosh

Nicole & Gary M

“We just want to thank you for giving Chip a second chance at life.  Before we found you at CAC, we were told Chip would need surgery for his neck pain.  But then we discovered Bicom treatments! And now, two years later he is a happy & pain free dog who loves to play.  It truly was a miracle we found you and your holistic treatment options!  You have always treated us and all 5 of our dogs like family.  Thank you so much!”

Nicole & Gary M., Neenah

Robin L.

“Dr. Strickfaden performed bicom on our 11 year-old chocolate lab, Margo.  Margo had been diagnosed by our Oshkosh vet with Spondylosis.  The bicom, while not a cure for Spondylosis, gave our Margo a wonderful 10 months of life.  When we came to Dr. Strickfaden, Margo was sleeping 20 hours a day and not moving much. To those of you unfamiliar with bicom, the procedure seems a bit like magic and I was doubtful.  However, within one day of her first bicom treatment, Margo was chasing balls in the yard.  Margo changed from acting like a 15 year-old dog to acting like a 5 year-old dog.  She became so active.  Eventually, we were able to take her off all the harsh meds that she was on and only take her for bicom treatments every 6 weeks.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about bicom.  Margo went from a lethargic, dog full of pain to a joyful dog who chased balls and was happy until her last days.  I can’t thank Dr. Strickfaden and the staff enough for giving us those joy filled months with Margo.  Those memories and gratitude will last with us forever.”

Robin L., Oshkosh

Joann B.

“Oreo has many issues with allergies.  We tried many different things, to no avail.  Finally, Dr. Strickfaden was offering bicom.  After 2-3 treatments, finally relief for my Oreo.  No more red, raw stomach or scratching and chewing.  Now, 6 years later, she has been chewing and licking her paws and front legs, causing hair loss and some drainage.  Back to bicom!  Two treatments, and a big improvement.  By the third session, no more licking and chewing, and I have my playful dog back again!  I am so very grateful for Dr. Strickfaden and Dr. Barr for helping both Oreo and me!”

Joann B., Green Bay

Becky C.

“My previous dog was taken care of so well during her acupuncture treatments and care of her vestibular disease that when I got my current dog, there was no question where she would receive her care!  The staff is great!”

Becky C., Appleton

Rachel C.

“We have used the holistic services offered by Countrycare and have always been happy with the services and results we’ve seen.  We feel that the Bicom treatments helped Makayla keep her mobile and on four legs much longer than she otherwise would have been given her condition.  We’ve always received fabulous service from the staff and vets at Countrycare and we highly recommend their holistic services to everyone we meet!!”

Rachel C., Luxemburg

Judy B.

“Thank you for your care and the professionalism that each of the staff provides. Your hospital is the cleanest and best one I’ve found in the three states we have lived in. I appreciate all the educational information that is available, the quiet “spa” music in each room and that you sell and promote holistic care and foods for our pets.”

Judy B., Green Bay

Nadine V.

“What I appreciate about Countrycare in particular is the holistic approach to healing and health. I was not just handed and expensive script and dismissed.  I felt like I was included in the total treatment picture and results were shared so I understood and can be an integral part of the healing.”

Nadine V., Kewaunee

Betsy F.

“Years ago when all other vets gave up on my older dog Katy, Dr. Strickfaden got her back to agility competition form with acupuncture. I’m a big fan!”

Betsy F., Green Lake

Laurie S.

“The doctors and staff at Countrycare are very easy to work with and helpful.  I am extremely pleased with their willingness to use non-traditional methods of care.  The bicom therapies are wonderful.”

Laurie S., Two Rivers

Becky K.

“Countrycare has helped my 12 year old golden with his hip dysplasia using acupuncture, chiropractic and bicom therapies.  I’ve been able to keep him off medication and he is so much happier now – he has less pain and more energy (for a 12 yr old!).  I wish I would have started this years ago!!! Dr. Strickfaden and the staff are very caring and knowledgeable and I am very grateful for all that they’ve done!  I love having a place close that encompasses holistic and alternative medicine along with traditional practices.”

Becky K., De Pere

Debora P.

“I love the relaxed and quiet atmosphere in the examination rooms and the reception area.  It makes a big difference having the lights low and soft music playing.  I don’t know how my animals feel about it but it calms me down!
The doctors are extremely open to alternative healing and always willing to try new remedies.  I appreciate their holistic understanding of health so there’s a better chance of getting to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.I love that Countrycare carries raw food and high quality dry food and treats. I also appreciate the large assortment of natural health products available.”

Debora P., Green Bay

Tina D.

“I brought my 5 yr old hunting dog into Countrycare because when I came home from vacation we found her unable to walk. Dr S. was amazing. After a series of visits she was back to normal and we were even able to use her duck hunting. We continue to bring her in every couple of months for an adjustment. She is running around like a puppy and we are not retiring her this year like we planned. Without Dr. S she would have probably been put down cause of the extreme pain she was in.”

Tina D., Kaukauna

Penny W.

“I make the drive from Neenah to Green Bay twice a month for the outstanding holistic care at Countrycare.  I have seen great improvements in both quality of life and longevity in the numerous animals I have brought in for Bicom, Craniosacral , chiropractic  care, etc.  I highly recommend Dr. Stickfaden and her staff to anyone who wants to offer the very best to their pet.”

Penny W., Neenah

Lisa B.

“Thank you to Dr. Strickfaden and the entire team at Countrycare Animal Complex for “thinking outside the box” and providing many excellent alternative therapies and natural supplements for her.  Countrycare is a very special place where love is felt from the moment you walk through the door.  We are so lucky to have a vet center willing to practice natural and holistic treatments right along with traditional veterinary medicine.”

Lisa B., Sheboygan Falls

Jane & David F.

“Words cannot express our gratitude for your kindness and attention towards Georgia. She is as good as new — maybe even a little better. Thank you for the miracle of a healthy life!!!”

Jane & David F., Shawano

Nancy K.

“I am truly amazed at the care we received for Rambo and Rudy. Dr Barr is very caring and treated both our dogs like we would treat them.”

Nancy K., Green Bay

Lynn & Marvin H.

“Dr. Barr has helped us through losing pets, helping our pets and just has SUCH a rapport with animals – he is in exactly the right profession. He cares, it is as simple as that – and he talks to people, not at them and he is not afraid to get down on the floor with an animal if that’s what it takes; unfortunately that is not the case with most veterinarians.  So he is truly one of a kind – the kind of veterinarian that is a very rare breed and that means the world to us.”

Lynn & Marvin H., Green Bay

Linda W.

“I just wanted to write to thank you for the excellent service that Countrycare has provided over the years. I have horses, dogs and cats and Countrycare has always been there, diagnosing doing surgeries and treating them. I have found the staff and doctors to be very friendly, honest and professional. I also appreciate the fact that I can use the same clinic for my horses as well as my small animal needs.”

Linda W., Cato

Sandy H.

“The personal interest associated with the great care from the doctors and all the staff at Countrycare exceed any other vet experience I’ve had. Dr Barr’s surgical skills are above all others and Dr. Strickfaden’s holistic approach is unique and very helpful in difficult diagnosis situations.”

Sandy H., Greenleaf

Kerry W.

“A big thanks to the staff at Countrycare for caring for Ellie and Murphy, our border collies! Everything from ACL surgery and arthritis, to paw injuries and snacking on dog bedding has been taken care of at Countrycare.”

Kerry W., Maribel

MaryAnn M.

“I travel to Countrycare because their philosophy and integrated care incorporates the best of conventional therapies with holistic options. The climate is calm and engaging, and the staff are always pleasant.  I learn something new at every visit, and my animals’ health and well being are enhanced. We are greeted by name.  Veterinarians and all staff share the best success as well as end of life sadness. My family has lived many places. Countrycare is a truly unique setting, and the best veterinary care I have experienced.”

MaryAnn M., Oshkosh

Harold & Laura G.

“At Countrycare we received very excellent care from the entire staff. Dr. Barr is incredible, honest and full of wisdom. We have had two of our Prized Great Danes to see him. His approach to alternative treatments was very welcomed as well as his belief in traditional care and tools. Both dogs are doing great, and we will continue to seek his wisdom and expertise.”

Harold & Laura G., Luxemburg


“I just have to say that I was very impressed with the genuine, caring staff at Countrycare. I read a review online in which a woman stated she drove an hour to have her pets seen at your facility. I thought, “I have to check them out”. Now, I realize what she had experienced, because I feel the same way. I have had a few good vets over the last 22 yrs for our pets, but I still felt a noticeable difference when I brought our pets to your facility. Thank you for your professional, kind, genuine care. We are new to the facility, but I was so impressed, that I have decided this will be our new veterinarian family.”


Collete A.

“I like Countrycare because they not only take great care and concern of my pets but also of me… they don’t send home a pet from their care until they know those pets are truly ready to go home and be able to take care of their own needs and I’m reassured that they’ve done their best to know my dog can make it on her own with my help. I have great faith in their help and care!”

Collete A., Green Bay

Dawn & Luis V.

“I trust you and truly believe you are looking out for our pets’ best interests. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are off the charts. Everyone at Countrycare shows genuine compassion and concern for the pets and the owners. During the last 9 years we have brought seven of our pets to Countrycare, and the care they have received has always been top notch. Your motto is ‘modern veterinary medicine with old-fashioned caring!’ and you truly practice it day to day.”

Dawn & Luis V., Green Bay

Susan H.J.

“I first came to Countrycare with my female German Shepherd, Fina, who had been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I had left my previous vet’s office with a bag full of pills, expensive cans of dog food and not much hope about Fina’s future quality of life. I found Countrycare on the Holistic Veterinarian website. When I arrived at Countrycare I was treated with respect. Dr. Strickfaden listened to me and instead of handing me more pills she explained the various treatments that were available. I chose the Bicom treatments for Fina and within several weeks Fina was on the road to recovery. I now bring all my dogs to Countrycare for all their needs and for boarding. From the people who greet you at the front desk, to the technicians and the vets, everyone is very friendly, caring and professional. I wouldn’t dream of taking my dogs to any other animal hospital.”

Susan H.J., Freedom

Laura O.

“As an overprotective ‘mom’ of two kitties, I know Hannah Baby & Mr. Fuzzybottoms are in good hands every time I bring them through the door to Countrycare. Whenever I’ve called, the staff has been great at getting us in, answering my million questions, and giving the best treatment! After a few surgeries as well as regular check-ups, I know the staff cares for my ‘kids’ as much as I do.”

Laura O., Green Bay

Barbara M.

“My husky recently had surgery at your facility while I was mobilized for the Navy Reserve. The care and information I personally received prior to my mobilization assured me that my pet would receive the best care in my absence and made me feel so much better about not being there. My family had very little to worry about due to the professionalism and level of communication provided during the surgery and during the after care. I do not believe I would have been as reassured going anywhere else! Thank you Countrycare for your personalized, friendly and highly professional service!!!”

Barbara M., Stevens Point

Dean & Marilee H.

“We love Countrycare because of the sense of caring & concern we feel the minute we walk in the door. Our English cockers have been patients at Countrycare  for about 11 years. The acupuncture that was administered to Bubba for his disc issues added 6 years of quality to his life. When he passed  in 2006 Doctor Karen was there with us to share our loss. Our latest concerns are with Shore and her kidney failure and Mickey’s battle with Addison’s disease. Again doctor Karen never gave up until she was able to properly diagnose Mickey’s condition and devise the proper treatment plan. The support staff at Countrycare is always more than willing to address our many concerns. It is comforting to know they will be there when we need them. For us Countrycare is well worth the 30 min. drive from Two Rivers.”

Dean & Marilee H., Two Rivers

Chris & Erin C.

“We bring our English Bulldogs to Countrycare Animal Complex for many reasons. The most important reason is trust. We know the doctors and staff will do anything and everything they can to give our dogs the best care possible. They are there to provide us with the professional yet understanding support that every family with pets should have. We wouldn’t trust anybody else!”

Chris & Erin C., Kewaunee

Kathy M.

“Sophie received excellent treatment, love and care for a foreign body removal surgery at Countrycare.  I thought when I took her back to get her stitches out she might not want to go but she ran right in and was happy to see everyone. I can’t say enough to express my gratitude to Dr. Barr, Dr. Strickfaden and the staff at Countrycare for saving Sophie’s life.  Every day we watch her run around and play and are so grateful she is still with us.”

Kathy M., Luxemburg

Silvia G.

“Since CAC has become my primary veterinary clinic I have introduced many friends, clients and my sisters to the clinic, both of which have told me how grateful they are to have “found” a clinic with such progressive and highly qualified doctors. The quality of the support staff that helps keep things moving smoothly is also important. The first impression you get of any clinic comes from the reception staff; at CAC you are always met with a smile and a big HELLO! The welcoming atmosphere, the mere presence of the building, the modern technology, the progressive thinking, the compassion shown to the humans and animals are all things I love about CAC but it truly is the people inside the building that keep me coming back! THANK YOU CAC for making an impression on my life and on the lives of my boys!”

Silvia G., Appleton