Bicom Therapy Success Cases

Bicom is very beneficial therapy for orthopedic problems. Also, many internal organs can be supported with Bicom therapy. This includes kidney & liver conditions, heart and lung problems & even cancer.

The benefits of Bicom therapy are available to all animals!

Amazing Bicom Cases

Eddie – Allergies


Eddie suffered from skin allergies. When we first met Eddie, he could not go for 5 minutes without scratching himself. He had lost most of his hair and the pigment in his skin.


After 4 Bicom treatments and a diet change his hair was already growing back and he was less itchy.


After 8 Bicom treatments he no longer itched and he had a full haircoat.

Arnold – Deep Wounds


Arnold came to Countrycare as a rescue dog who had deep draining wounds deep into his leg muscle caused by a bite injury over 6 months old.


The University recommended leg amputation because he had not responded to multiple antibiotics or surgical procedures.


After several Bicom treatments and ozone therapy, Arnie’s draining tracts completed healed.


His leg was no longer swollen or painful and he ran and played with other dogs.

Bicom Allergy Cases

Bicom Therapy was originally designed for the treatment of allergies in people. It can be especially beneficial for pets suffering from any type of allergy – Food, Contact, Environmental etc. Allergies in pets can show up as any combination of the following symptoms:

  • skin disease (itching, rashes, hot spots etc.)
  • respiratory disease (itchy, runny eyes / nose)
  • gastrointestinal problems (vomiting, diarrhea, anal gland problems)

Yeast Allergy – “Q”


Q was rubbing his face and had crusty lesions around both eyes. Traditional medicines were not helping.


Q improved dramatically within a few Bicom treatments and his lesions disappeared. Compare the skin around the eyes in both photos.

Severe Skin Allergy – “Ali”


Ali presented not only with almost complete baldness but also a very strong yeast odor.


His skin was thickened and he had lost much of his hair coat.


You can see how the hair filled back in…


and he became a super happy and handsome boy with all of his hair back!!

Flank Allergies – “Midas”


Midas had hair loss and dry dandruff skin on his flanks.


After his treatments, his hair grew back & the itching stopped.

Skin Infections – “Duke”


Duke suffered from severe allergies and infections of several years’ duration.


After Bicom therapy treatments he rarely itched and had a lot more hair!

Lick Granuloma – “Orion”


Orion has licked the top of his paw for months. Despite multiple topical treatments, nothing helped.


Orion had one Bicom treatment on his paw. He completely stopped licking his paw that day. 6 weeks later the hair is back & sores are healed.

Hair Loss – “Fred”

bicom therapy for animals, countrycare animal complex

Fred was bald. He didn’t have any hair on his body when we met him. We treated him for an allergy to Scotchgard chemical and his itching stopped and hair came back!

Food Allergy – “Remi”

countrycare animal complex bicom therapy for pets

Remi suffered from a wheat allergy. His lost hair around his face and rump. Bicom therapy kept him going for years without itching and a normal haircoat.

Bicom Lameness Cases

Back Injury – “Zena”


Zena suffered from an unknown spinal injury and could barely walk. Bicom therapy not only got her up and moving again, but she’s stayed that way for several years!

Joint Arthritis – “Beau”


Beau suffered from severe arthritis in his hips & elbows. For 2 years, he was maintained with Bicom, Animal Chiropractic care & supplements until he passed away from a ripe old age of 15!

Neck Pain – “Chip”


Bicom allowed Chip to avoid surgery for neck pain. He continued to be a happy, playful dog several years later.

Disc Disease – “Rufus”


Rufus had a back injury that was resolved and remained pain free with regular Bicom therapy.

Soft Tissue Injuries – “River”


River occasionally suffered from soft tissue injuries when his younger ‘brothers” played too rough. Bicom helped him keep up with the other dogs!

Arthritis – “Nick”


Cats suffer from arthritis too! Bicom helped Nick’s arthritis so he could continue to jump and play.

Bicom Medical Cases

Many internal organs can be supported with Bicom therapy. This includes kidney & liver conditions, heart and lung problems & even cancer.

Cancer – “Ani”


Ani had surgery to remove a liver tumor. She received Bicom therapy and Chinese herbs for several years.

Pancreatitis – “Barry”


Barry received regular Bicom therapy because of recurrent bouts of pancreatitis for pain relief and pancreas support.

Kidney Disease – “Matty”


Bicom was a crucial part of her treatment plan. Matty lived an additional 5 years with kidney insufficiency (to the age of 18).

Bladder Conditions – “Bree Anna”


This is Breana. Bicom helped resolve her bladder infection.

Vomiting & Diarrhea – “Mike”


Mike suffered from a severe food intolerance. Bicom kept his stomach comfortable and helped his digestion!

Thyroid Problems – “Socks”


Socks developed both kidney and thyroid conditions as she has aged. Bicom helped to support her Hyperthyroidism & kidney disease.

MegaColon – “Merlin”


Merlin suffered from ‘Megacolon’ – a neurologic condition in cats that causes severe constipation.


With a diet adjustment and regular Bicom treatments, Merlin was comfortable and ‘regular’ again.

The benefits of Bicom therapy are available to all animals!


Feather Picking – Alaena


Alaena received Bicom therapy for her feather picking problem



Who knew that Hedgehogs could enjoy Bicom too!!

It’s Never Too Early for Bicom Therapy…


This foal received Bicom to start her breathing after a C-section

What People
Have Said

"My dog was having horrible neck pain he could barely move the vet we had at the time said that he had a slipped disk and that he would paralyze himself and we would have to put him down.  It was awful... but then we went to Countrycare they took their time to help us instead of just giving him meds.  We started bicom and slowly he was back to his normal self it has been a little over a year he acts like he did when he was a puppy. He plays with his toys goes for long walks again and runs around with his new sister Charlie who is twice the size he his. Thank you soooo much Countrycare we appreciate everything you have done for us."
- Tamra V., Kimberly