February 25, 2016

Dana B.

by Daniel Wangelin

“I have been taking all my dogs (rescues and my own) to Countrycare for over 10 years.  It is an hour drive one way and it is well worth the trip!  Dr. Karen Strickfaden is the only vet I will trust the health of my dogs to.  Our latest challenge was my 8 year-old golden retriever with Masticatory Muscle Myositis.  The conventional treatment involves large doses of Prednisone; there was no information available on any holistic alternative.  Dr. Strickfaden and I researched and contacted several other sources and we were able to put together a protocol which included Chinese Herbs, supplements, therapeutic essential oils and Bicom treatments.  To date, nine months later, she is doing great, eating well, lots of energy and still competing in agility and loving it. I am forever grateful to Dr. Strickfaden, not only for her knowledge in holistic medicine and treatments but her willingness to research other options.”