February 25, 2016

“A big thanks to the staff at Countrycare for caring for Ellie and Murphy, our border collies! Everything from ACL surgery and arthritis, to paw injuries and snacking on dog bedding has been taken care of at Countrycare.”

Kerry W., Maribel

February 25, 2016

“I like Countrycare because they not only take great care and concern of my pets but also of me… they don’t send home a pet from their care until they know those pets are truly ready to go home and be able to take care of their own needs and I’m reassured that they’ve done their best to know my dog can make it on her own with my help. I have great faith in their help and care!”

Collete A., Green Bay

February 15, 2016

“As an overprotective ‘mom’ of two kitties, I know Hannah Baby & Mr. Fuzzybottoms are in good hands every time I bring them through the door to Countrycare. Whenever I’ve called, the staff has been great at getting us in, answering my million questions, and giving the best treatment! After a few surgeries as well as regular check-ups, I know the staff cares for my ‘kids’ as much as I do.”

Laura O., Green Bay