June 25, 2016

“I wish I could film some of our clients’ faces when we hand them a kit for their pet.  The people are so overwhelmed and happy and excited that someone cares not only for them but also for their pets.  Our volunteers are very excited to offer these kits to our clients.  It helps people in their recovery when their pets are well cared for.”

Bob M. - Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist

June 25, 2016

“In the event of a disaster, a family is so upset, and they are so concerned about their animals, so the kits add a small measure of comfort in a terrible time.  The kits assist our clients in being more comfortable in their temporary lodging-whether it is a hotel or relative’s home. And it also allows the client not to have to use their money on replacing pet equipment immediately.

I cannot tell you how the clients look at us when we provide these kits.  I wish you could experience it just once.  They are so amazed that we have thought about their beloved animals in a disaster, and that is thanks to your foresight in this.”

Nancy - Red Cross Volunteer