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Boarding and Grooming – The Cat Napper Facility

If you are looking for a personal boarding facility that can offer individualized attention and care, then you are at the right place! Our feline Cat Napper is cozy and allows for a very personal focus on each pet’s individual needs.

We cater to the pet that does not want a large place with lots of noise and activity. Our facility is peaceful and pets are kept separated from each other for health and safety reasons.


cat napCat Napper Boarding

The Countrycare Cat Napper provides a warm and friendly atmosphere for cats. We want your pet to feel loved and cared for just like when they are at home.


The Cat Napper facility is a completely separate room from any dogs. The kitty condos have portholes and resting benches to allow guests to climb and stretch out while looking out their full-length window to the outside.

Our facility is clean, comfortable, and secure. Our boarding facilities are completely separate from hospitalized patients both by rooms and ventilation systems.

Personal and Medical Attention

Personal attention and exercise is standard, not an extra option! Every animal deserves daily love and affection! Two playtimes are included for every guest to stretch his legs and play.

Since Countrycare is a complete care center, we have veterinary staff on duty in case your pet needs medical attention. We are also able to accommodate any special medical needs or administration of medications that may be necessary to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Meals & Belongings

Meals include high quality Premium cat food. Fresh beverage water and clean bowls are always provided to guests. You are welcome to bring your cat’s own food and treats for consistency. Personal belongings, blankets, and toys are always welcome.

Medical Background

All cats must be current on Rabies and FVRCP vaccinations. Proof of current vaccination or titer status is required.

4 kitty bathGrooming

Regular grooming not only keeps our pets looking (and smelling) wonderful, but it is also an important part of our pet’s overall health care.

Regular grooming keeps a pet’s skin and haircoat healthy. Frequent brushing is essential to removing dead hair and reducing matted hair. Trimming hair around paws helps to prevent injuries and infections. Brushing (and clipping) enables the haircoat to work as it was designed – to insulate during cold weather and cool during the hot summer.

Other advantages include locating any ‘lumps or bumps’ that may be hidden under the hair. The groomer may discover external parasites (such as fleas and ticks), a skin infection, or other condition that the owner may not be aware of.

The correct shampoo is chosen depending on an individual pet’s skin type. The appropriate brushes and equipment are also tailored to the pet’s hair type.

At Countrycare, grooming includes a bath, brush, ear cleaning, and nail trim. The veterinarians are available to address any medical conditions. The arrangement of groomer and veterinarian working together enables Countrycare to address concerns efficiently while providing convenience for owners.

What People
Have Said

"I would not trust my cats’ care to anyone else.  Dr. Strickfaden takes the time to listen and understand my concerns for my cats.  She treats their health needs, both physically and emotionally, professionally and compassionately."
- Wendy N., Appleton