June 3, 2024


10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat

by Countrycare Veterinary Professional

June is Adopt-a-Cat Month!

Here are 10 reasons why you may want to welcome a new cat into your family:

  1. Cats improve our mental health. They can help to reduce anxiety & depression.
  2. You will save the life of the cat you are adopting and will be making room for another cat in need.
  3. Cats are good for your heart. They can relieve our stress, lower our blood pressure, and help us increase our activity levels by engaging in playtime with them.
  4. Cats are relatively low maintenance. Although they appreciate cuddling with their caretakers, they don’t need to be taken outside to go to the bathroom multiple times a day.  Cats can spend the weekend alone if you have a short trip planned.
  5. You might sleep better. One study reported that 40% of people slept better with furry companions.
  6. Cats make great pets for small spaces (apartments, tiny homes, condos) because they don’t need much room. They are typically very quiet companions compared to other pets.
  7. Cats can help young children with their allergies. Exposing your children to pets early on helps to boost their immune systems and decrease allergies later in life.
  8. A cat can reduce loneliness for other pets in the home. Cats are communal creatures by nature and often will be found snuggling up with other pets. Be sure to check with the adoption facility for other pet-friendly cats. Introduce the new cat slowly and provide supervised interactions at home.
  9. Cats can provide a sense of responsibility and purpose for those who may feel lost in life or need a little motivation to start their day.
  10. A cat can live for 15 or more years so you can enjoy their companionship for a long time.

When you’re considering a new cat, you need to consider several factors. Take a thorough look at your budget, lifestyle, and home environment. Be honest about whether or not a cat is right for you. Once you decide to adopt, you can determine which cat is ideal for you and your family!


Becky, countrycare animal complexBecky is the Patient Care Coordinator at Countrycare Animal Complex and has been serving pets and their people here for over 18 years. As a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional, she educates our staff on making our patients as comfortable as possible while they are here. Becky practices what she preaches with her 17 pets (not including fish) at home.