September 5, 2022

Medical Issues

How Can Platelet Rich Plasma Help Pets?

by Countrycare Veterinary Professional

As Max got older, he felt “stiff” and was not acting like his normal self. Anti-inflammatory medications helped, but Max’s mom was looking for other options. She wanted to help him get up more comfortably and enjoy life again. After a thorough exam and x-rays, Dr. Strickfaden determined that Max had spinal pain and hip dysplasia.

Bioresonance Therapy, Acupuncture, Laser Therapy, and Adequan helped keep him mobile. Unfortunately, the improvements would not last for more than 3-4 weeks and he still struggled to get up. Was there any other option to help Max?

Dr. Strickfaden recommended Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments as a possible long-term solution to Max’s uncomfortable spine and hips. If successful, Max wouldn’t need another treatment for at least 6 months!

After the series of 2 treatments, 2 weeks apart, Max’s mom reported that he was doing wonderfully! He was more mobile and comfortable. Even after the first treatment, Max was “peppier” and was doing “very little moaning/groaning when getting comfortable”. He was also “not knuckling on his hind feet anymore”.  After the second treatment, Max “did not need the “help me up” harness on him at all!”

Regenerative Medicine and PRP

  • Is your pet uncomfortable even when taking pain medication or joint supplements?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to long-term medications or their potential side effects?
  • Are you looking for a more natural way to treat arthritis and injury?
  • Are you looking for a more affordable option than stem cell therapy or surgery?

Perhaps regenerative medicine is an option for you and your pet!

Regenerative medicine uses the body’s own cells to regenerate damaged tissues in pets with orthopedic (joint) problems. Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is one type now available to canine patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated blood sample that contains isolated cells (platelets) and the fluid portion of blood (plasma). When injected into affected joints, it can help regenerate tissue. It can also decrease pain and inflammation in areas that are affected by arthritis. Additionally, PRP can help heal injuries to tendons and ligaments.

PRP can help the following conditions:

  • hip dysplasia/arthritis
  • elbow dysplasia
  • stifle (knee) arthritis
  • shoulder ligament injury
  • cruciate tendon injury

We use your pet’s blood to make the PRP, so it is a safe therapy with only mild soreness or limping after treatment. There may be mild pain, irritation, or bleeding at the injection site.

Therapeutic effects can last 6-12 months! Please call our office for more information or to schedule a consultation visit.

Becky, countrycare animal complexBecky is the Patient Care Coordinator at Countrycare Animal Complex and has been serving pets and their people here for over 17 years. She is a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional who educates our staff on making our patients as comfortable as possible while they are here. Becky practices what she preaches with her 16 pets (not including fish) at home.