March 7, 2022

General Wellness & Prevention

Our 10 Stress-Free Practices for a Great Vet Visit

by Countrycare Veterinary Professional

Countrycare Animal Complex staff makes every effort to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress-related to examinations and veterinary procedures. Here are 10 ways we help your pet stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible from arrival to departure.

  1. We have separate waiting areas so dogs don’t have to invade your cat’s personal space. You have the option of waiting in your car with your pet until you are notified to come in or to be taken right into an exam room, if available.
  2. Your small pet will have a nonslip surface to stand on, such as a yoga mat or a towel infused with a natural calming spray. We also use the calming spray in the air before your pet even enters the exam room.
  3. We use pet-friendly instrumental music in our exam rooms and treatment areas for its calming effect on the central nervous system. (You might benefit, too!)
  4. We may initially avoid eye contact with your pet and focus on you instead. This helps your pet feel less stressed because he’s not the center of attention and gives him time to check out his environment and become accustomed to the team member’s presence.
  5. Please bring your dog or cat in hungry because our staff will be handing out small but delicious treats throughout the visit to welcome your pet, distract him from procedures, and reward him for cooperation.
  6. In addition to treats, staff may utilize a variety of distraction techniques, such as toys or good scratches, to help your pet be comfortable.
  7. Whenever possible, our staff will perform exams and procedures in the exam room so your presence can comfort your pet. You have our assurance that he will be treated kindly and respectfully no matter where he is in the building.
  8. If needed, we will prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications or supplements for your pet. These calming substances help your pet enjoy the car ride more and stay more relaxed during the vet visit.
  9. Our staff will note your pet’s emotional response to the visit, treats, and techniques. That way, we’ll remember what worked best to reduce your pet’s fear, anxiety, and stress.  This will help to make future visits even better!
  10. You and your pet are welcome anytime, even without an appointment. Your pet can enter our building, get some love and some delicious snacks, and then leave. These visits teach your pet that coming to the veterinary office can be fun and rewarding.

We want to make your veterinary visits as calm and as stress-free as possible. Our entire staff takes part in Fear-Free training and uses calming techniques when interacting with animals in our office.

Becky, countrycare animal complexBecky is the Patient Care Coordinator at Countrycare Animal Complex and has been serving pets and their people here for over 17 years. She is a Certified Fear Free Veterinary Professional who educates our staff on making our patients as comfortable as possible while they are here. Becky practices what she preaches with her 16 pets (not including fish) at home.