October 16, 2017


Thank your Veterinary Technicians -they are a vital part of your pet’s care!

by Aili V. Heintz, DVM

We talk frequently on our blog about animal care and pet problems or diseases. Today, we are going to go a slightly different route. We are going to talk about a very important part of your pet’s care. Today, we are going to talk about the unsung heroes: the veterinary technicians.

veterinary techniciansWho are Vet Techs?

A veterinary technician is far more than just the person who takes your pet’s health history. She is more than the person who holds your pet for the examination or for vaccines.  The veterinary technician is an integral part of your pet’s care team.

The vet tech connects you and your pet to invaluable information. The technician serves as a bridge between you and your veterinarian to answer your questions and support both your pet AND your family.

What do Veterinary Technicians do?

Veterinary technicians are highly trained and are skilled at doing many tasks. Throughout the day, their tasks range from placing inter-venous (IV) catheters to scaling and cleaning teeth. They give vaccines, collect urine samples, and analyze blood work for heartworm tests. Technicians administer anesthesia and monitor pets’ vital signs. They give sick pets the proper nursing care and TLC that they need. Because the technicians do so many important jobs, they allow the veterinarians to be able to diagnose health problems, solve complicated cases, and perform surgeries.

Veterinary technicians are not only there for your pets and for the veterinarians, but they are also there for you, the client. They make countless phone calls to answer questions, check on pets, and reassure owners. Technicians provide hands to hold and shoulders to cry on.  Technicians are truly experts in client care as well as patient care.

Celebrate Your Veterinary Technician!

Veterinary technicians do so much to help make sure that everything goes smoothly for the clients and for the veterinarians. While we have one week in October to help celebrate all that the vet techs do, it truly isn’t enough. It is because of our amazing technicians that I, and the other veterinarians at Countrycare Animal Complex, are able to do what we do. So the next time that you are in for a visit with your pet, take the time to thank your veterinary technicians for all that they do!

Dr. Heintz and her dog, Mimi

Dr. Heintz is a small and exotic animal veterinarian at Countrycare Animal Complex in Green Bay, WI. She earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Illinois – Urbana/Champaign. Her passion is helping all animals, whether furry, scaly, or feathered, lead long and healthy lives.