horsehand320Wellness Care for Horses

Preventive care is important in order to keep your horse happy and healthy. Wellness care includes comprehensive physical examinations, immunization programs, appropriate deworming schedules and diagnostic screening tests.

  • Coggins (EIA test)
  • Routine Dental Care
  • Nutrition Consultations


  • 5 way (TEWIR)
  • West Nile Virus
  • Potomac Horse Fever
  • Rabies
  • Strangles
  • Rhino/Flu

Click here for more details on vaccinations

eq barnBarn Appointments

Barn appointments are designed for routine preventative care and taking care of life’s little illnesses encountered along the way.

We service the general Northeastern Wisconsin region. Please call for details in your area.

eq outpOut-Patient Appointments at Countrycare

You trailer your horse into our facility for any type of necessary therapy.

An option for anyone in our region to have an appointment that meets your schedule or to save the cost of a barn call charge.

Also helpful to those clients who live outside of our ambulatory range but still prefer our expertise and wide range of services.

The in-clinic setting allows for faster diagnosis of medical conditions and treatment because everything we need is right in the hospital.

eq inpIn-Patient Hospitalization

Hospitalization for the treatment and monitoring of critical care patients that require surgical or medical treatment or ICU monitoring.

Referrals are received from individuals and veterinarians in both Wisconsin and Michigan.

What People
Have Said

"At Countrycare we received very excellent care from the entire staff. Dr. Barr is incredible, honest and full of wisdom. We have had two of our Prized Great Danes to see him. His approach to alternative treatments was very welcomed as well as his belief in traditional care and tools. Both dogs are doing great, and we will continue to seek his wisdom and expertise."
- Harold & Laura G., Luxemburg