Ellie in our home
April 3, 2017


Getting a new dog after saying goodbye to one – when is the right time?

Joanne Clark

After grieving the loss of a pet, how long should you wait to get another furry family member? One dog owner shares her emotional journey.

vet tech administering laser therapy to small white dog
March 17, 2017

General Holistic Treatment

Laser Therapy – a valuable treatment option in veterinary care

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

“Laser therapy.” When you hear these words what comes to your mind? Don’t be afraid to say it. A lot of people imagine something out of a sci-fi movie with aliens using laser beams to cut things and destroy planets. But did you know that lasers can actually be used as effective tools in the […]

Adorable bunny
March 6, 2017

Exotic & Pocket Pets

Is a Rabbit Right for You? Consider These Four Factors

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

No doubt, rabbits are soft and adorable. But will a rabbit make a good pet for your family? Here are four factors to consider before adding a rabbit to your household.