Blood work for Ellie
October 2, 2017

Medical Issues

Baseline blood work – have it done when your pet is healthy!

Joanne Clark

Today, I learned the importance of having a baseline blood work history on my dog.  Many pet owners don’t see the need in having blood work done on a healthy animal.  In reality, that is the perfect time to run the tests that could give you answers you need down the road. The Symptoms When […]

foods toxic to your pet
September 18, 2017


8 Foods That Are Toxic to Your Pet

Aili V. Heintz, DVM

I have a confession to make… I sometimes give in and give my dog the last bite of my pizza crust. Gasp! I am sure we may have all been there at one point. You are at the dinner table, you look down and your dog is giving you the saddest face known to man. […]

inappropriate urination in cats
September 4, 2017

Medical Issues

Inappropriate Urination in Cats – Causes and Solutions

Countycare Veterinary Technician

Pearl is an absolutely sweet and adorable kitty. Sadly, at the early age of 3 months, she was already giving her poor family a major challenge with her inappropriate urination all over their house. It didn’t seem to matter if it were the family’s beds, their clothes sitting out, or the expensive carpet; Pearl would […]