• Countrycare Animal Complex serves as a complete veterinary complex and a referral hospital for DOGS, CATS & HORSES in Northeastern Wisconsin.

  • Modern monitoring equipment helps to keep our patients safe under anesthesia

  • The Yin-Yang symbol describes balance and harmony - the core of holistic medicine

  • X-rays provide both diagnostic and preventative information for our patients

  • Comprehensive examinations for early detection of disease

  • Surgery skills and expertise when you need it the most

  • Bicom therapy promotes health - prevents illness - prolongs vitality

  • We take the time to get to know you and your pet

  • Complete in-hospital equine facilities to take care of your horse's medical needs.

  • Individualized vaccination and preventation programs with your pet's needs in mind

  • Providing compassion and guidance with the tough decisions

  • We are here to help manage your pet's health

  • Holistic medicine provides balance and harmony for healing

  • Our entire team is dedicated to promoting the human-animal bond

  • Peace of mind that there is comprehensive medical care when you need it

  • We are your partner in your pet's health

  • Animal Chiropractic care for dogs, cats & horses

  • Our in-house laboratory gives us quick results for providing the best care

  • Discussing the best medication options for your pet

  • We have an ICU - Intensive Care Unit for continuous monitoring and treatment

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